• It's all happening!

    First Windows Phone 7 was release last month.. (still haven’t got one but am warming to the Samsung Omnia 7(broken link, was originally www.omnia7.samsungmobile.com/)

    Then the first CTP of SQL Server ‘Denali’ was released last week..

    And tomorrow (18th) Microsoft’s Kinect for XBox 360 is released in Australia.

    Don’t tell the kids, but I’m thinking this might be the Gardiner family Christmas present this year!

    Prices I’ve seen so far:

    • Big W 4G Bundle (1 games) $398, 250G Bundle (1 game) $528
    • EB Games 4G Bundle $461 (1 game), 250G Bundle (1 game) $549
    • Dick Smith 4G Bundle (2 games) $448, 250G Bundle (2 games) $548
    • JB HiFi 4G Bundle (1 game) $389, 250G Bundle (3 games) $549

    Update 18th Nov, 9pm

    Discovered good forum discussion on Economical Gamer site, which highlights Harvey Norman 4G Bundle (2 games) $468

  • SQL Server 'Denali' highlights

    On Wednesday at the two Adelaide sessions of the PDC Roadshow I gave the world’s fastest overview of interesting things coming in the next version of SQL Server – codenamed ‘Denali’.

    I’d even whipped up some PowerPoint slides, but due to time constraints didn’t get to share them with everyone, so I’ve summarised the main points here:

    Main highlights

    Areas unchanged in CTP1

    • Analysis Services
    • Data Quality Services
    • Reporting Services
    • Replication
    • Service Broker

    SQL Server Engine

    • SMSS uses VS2010 shell
    • Transact-SQL debugging and IntelliSense
    • Transact-SQL Snippets
    • Contained databases
    • SEQUENCE objects
    • Circular arc segment (spatial)
    • User-defined server roles

    SQL Server Integration Services

    • “Biggest change since 2005”
    • New deployment model
    • Object Impact and Data Lineage Analysis
      • Dependency Designer
    • Merge and Merge Join memory improvements
    • Designer enhancements
    • Edit disconnected components
    • Data correction component


    • Runs on your SQL Server system Uploading information to cloud service
      • Configuration
      • Performance, etc
    • Browse using a dashboard
    • Give access to Microsoft Support


    • Web-based reporting experience that offers rich visualization to let you project the story about your data to end users and other business users

    Microsoft Certified Masters

    • Just sit the exams (don’t have to do all the training)
    • No testing centres in Australia yet

    If you’re interested in finding out about these features (and more), Roger Noble and Rob Farley will be talking all about ‘Denali’ at this month’s Adelaide SQL User Group (Tuesday 23rd November).

  • Microsoft SQL Server code-named 'Denali' - CTP1

    Wednesday morning I’ll be giving a quick summary of all the new announcements from the 2010 PASS Summit in Seattle (courtesy of LobsterPot’s on-the-spot reporters Rob and Roger) to the Adelaide leg of the PDC10 Roadshow.

    In preparation for that, I did a quick search for any Denali titbits, and discovered the CTP is now publicly available. I’m downloading as we speak/type. Annoyingly, the Release Notes link is broken at the moment. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.

    Download links

    My top predictions for new features (seeing as I haven’t got it installed yet to find out)

    • Failover cluster support for Windows Phone 7
    • Query optimiser support for X-Box 360 Kinect

    Ha.. though actually I can see some possible use of Kinect with reporting and data mining in the future.. That would be cool.

    Maybe they’d have to call that “Minority Report-ing Services” 😀