• Of course you know, this means…

    I received an email from a “Gary” a few days ago. Unfortunately my reply didn’t seem to reach him due to problems with his email server. Looking at his email address, I’d guess Gary works for the US Army. Hence my alarm when I saw the following in GMail!


    Trying to be more alert than alarmed, I’m relieved to report that “THIS IS A WAR..” is actually “THIS IS A WARNING” :-)

  • PowerShell for Wix Components

    The following snippet is useful for generating a list of components with unique Guids. Run it from the directory that contains the components:

    $files = Get-ChildItem

    $g = [System.Guid]

    foreach ($a in $files) { Write-Output (“\`n\`t\`n” -f $a.Name, $g::NewGuid() ) }

  • Power Monkey Explorer Solar Charger

    Power Monkey Jane recently bought one of these Power Monkey gadgets. It is a solar-powered charger that you can use to recharge or power various devices.

    As well as charging via solar power, you can also recharge via USB or mains power.

    It comes with a plethora of connectors to fit most mobile phones, PDAs, iPods and digital cameras.

    Not super-cheap (AUD170), but very handy, especially if you need to recharge your phone and you’re away from mains power for some period.