• P2P online backup

    Very rarely you see an online ad that is interesting.. Today I noticed one for CrashPlan.

    They offer both a free and paid online backup solution. The interesting thing about the free version is that you back up your data on your friends’ or family’s computers (rather than a central remote server). Quite a novel approach. About the only downside is that the free version apparently is ad-supported. Not sure how annoying they would be.

    I think all the computers would need to be online at the same time for backups to work properly. Presumably the same would apply if you needed to do a restore too. Something to take into consideration.

    There is also a paid offering too (for orphans or people without any friends?)

  • Updating assembly versions in Visual Studio project files

    Sometimes you need to update all the references to a particular assembly so that they use a newer version than the original one that was added to the project.

    One option is to manually edit the references for each project, removing and re-adding the assembly.

    Option two, which is a bit nicer, is to use something like this PowerShell script:

    Get-ChildItem -recurse -filter "*.*proj" | Foreach-Object { (Get-Content $_.FullName) | Foreach-Object { $_ -replace "", "" } | Set-Content $_.FullName }

    In this example, we are replacing instances of “” with “” – handy if you just happened to be upgrading to the latest version of Castle.

    Note the use of the parentheses () around the Get-Content - without those you’ll end up with an Access Denied error as it will be trying to write to the same file it is reading from.

  • CodeCampSA 2009 – Day 2

    Presentation notes

    Nigel Spencer – WPF in 2010

    • Easing functions – affect animation velocity
    • Behaviours
    • Demo of customising Visual Studio home page – XAML-based
    • Model View ViewModel – templates

    Greg Low – Spatial SQL

    • sys.spatial_reference_systems

    Dave Glover – Windows 7 APIs

    • Windows 7 Training Kit

    Omar Besiso

    • Sync Framework (seemed strangely familiar!)

    Jason Stangroome – PowerShell and build automation

    Jason Schluter – Silverlighter

    • XHTML to Silverlight converter

    James Chapman-Smith – Model View ViewModel and Unit Testing

    • ViewModel handles
      • UI logic
      • input validation
    • Thought while observing Jame’s code – could you have INotifyPropertyChanged take a lamba expression instead of a string? – Apparently yes!

    Peter Cornish – AdWords