• 42% discount from Manning

    I saw today on Jeffery Palermo’s blog that Manning are offering a limited time discount on “Alt.Net” books if you use the discount code “alt42” before June 25th. I’ve taken up the offer and ordered the following:

    Some good reading, and just in time to claim for a tax deduction too.

  • Error message of the day – "Something has went wrong"

    And I think I was probably the one who was responsible – a bit sad for someone who normally does take the time to correct grammar and spelling errors :-)

    Thankfully not something end-users get to see, but it does seem quite appropriate for an error (in an ironic kind of way).

  • David and Fiona Meier

    Fiona in a white wedding dress getting out of a car with her father

    It’s not every day that your sister gets married, but it was yesterday!

    My sister Fiona married her fiancé David Meier at The Corner Uniting Church.

    The service was lovely and it was great to see lot of family and friends there. Following an afternoon tea at the church, we joined the bridal party for photos, then after leaving the kids with a babysitter headed off to the reception at Belair Park Country Club (situated in the grounds of Belair National Park).

    The reception was very enjoyable, with musical entertainment provided by Heidy De Ruyter. Some really good speeches were given by the best man, bridesmaids and both fathers of the groom and bride.

    Three tier wedding cake

    My mum (the mother of the bride) came out of retirement to make possibly her last wedding cake, and she did a fantastic job.

    Sometime you hear of weddings that don’t go to plan, have awkward moments or end up with the bride (and others) distressed and embarrassed. Maybe you’ve even attended one? I’m pleased to report that yesterday it was nothing like that! Everyone (especially the bride and groom) had a great time, enjoyed themselves immensely and went home knowing that David and Fiona are going to be very happy together.

    Fiona and David standing during their wedding ceremony

    Fiona and David chose Meg Hansen as their professional photographer (I took the ones you see here!) and Pete Dobré as videographer (who when he’s not videoing wedding can be found taking spectacular photos of Australian landscapes)