• 2009 starts off well

    Some good news for my sister Fiona – she and David got engaged on New Years Eve. Apparently the wedding will be sometime later this year.

    I’m slowly getting used to the fact that “David and Fiona” no longer refers to me anymore.

  • ComponentActivatorException

    This has caught me out a couple of times now. I was getting this exception:

    Castle.MicroKernel.ComponentActivator.ComponentActivatorException: ComponentActivator: could not instantiate MyNameSpace.ClassName ---> System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: types
    at System.Type.GetConstructor(BindingFlags bindingAttr, Binder binder, Type[] types, ParameterModifier[] modifiers)
    at Castle.MicroKernel.ComponentActivator.DefaultComponentActivator.FastCreateInstance(Type implType, Object[] arguments, Type[] s

    The exception could be a bit more informative - it turns out this is caused by not providing a public constructor on the class (it was accidentally set to ‘protected’).

  • RAA Rounding Error

    I went to renew our RAA membership this morning. The paper bill said we owe $170.

    I went to the web site to pay online, but was greeted by this:

    TOTAL (including GST) $170.01

    Yes, they’re overcharging me by 1c.

    I rang them up to let them know (and also paid the correct amount while I was at it).

    Could this be salami slicing, or more likely someone’s made a silly rounding error. Can’t those IT people ever get it right?