• And the winner is…

    Last night the SA finals of Microsoft’s Demo competition were held. The state finalists were:

    Andrew Coates hosted the show (well there were only the five of us there, so it was a small show) and also judged the presentations. At the conclusion, Andrew announced that Nigel was the winner!

    After we posed for a photo in our very trendy bright orange T-shirts, Andrew then took us out to dinner along with Darren Neimke (who happened to be in the neighbourhood).

    It was a great night, and all the best for Nigel in the national finals to be held at TechEd 2008 in Sydney in a couple of weeks.

  • Sticky taped

    Taped I obviously haven’t been as productive as my ABB colleagues thought I should be, so they kindly taped up my mouse – presumably to encourage me to use the keyboard more.

    I’m not sure what they’re saying by taping up my phone and my chair though.

    Or maybe things just got extra silly on Friday afternoon after I left :-)

  • Teracopy

    I saw this tool mention in a LifeHacker post last month and thought I’d try it out.

    Copying large (or lots) of files with Windows Explorer can be an interesting experience, but Teracopy improves on this quite a bit.

    I like it.