• Farewell Me

    You might have guessed this was in the pipeline - I’ve just accepted a contract position at the Department of Education and Children’s Services.

    As a consequence, I’ve also just given my resignation from UniSA. It’s a funny day, as technically today my position transferred to ISTS out at Mawson Lakes. Being on leave at the moment though meant that this hasn’t had any relevance so far.

    I’ve got mixed feelings - excited about new things, but sad about leaving colleagues and friends, and the opportunity that was lost by the less-than-optimal handling of our team through our restructure.

    I’m hoping to start the new position next week, but that will depend on successfully negotiating an early departure time (compared to the standard two weeks notice).

    I’ll be doing a separate post on my experiences of job-hunting (in case you are interested in the gory details)

  • Farewell RJ

    I also found out on Friday that RJ has accepted a position at Alcidion. I hope they realise they’re getting some quality talent.

    Amongst other things, I believe they’re happy to accept the fish tank too!

  • Farewell Murray, Warren, Online Services and FLC-IT

    Friday was a day of goodbyes. First off at City West campus was an official farewell for Murray Barr, who has been at UniSA (and it’s predecessors) for over 30 years.

    Warren Willsmore was also acknowledged as he is leaving to work with a paraplegic foundation (Warren, sorry I can’t remember the proper name).

    I’ve worked with both of these guys, and they will be greatly missed.

    Following that, “Antidisestablishmentarianism” Drinks were held at the Garage Bar. This was a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues and mark the end of the Online Services and FLC-IT teams.

    As was said on the night “all our applications and systems have been running well this year, so beware of anyone trying to cast blame on us if things suddenly go funny from now on”.

    Remember one of my favourite phrases - “Not a culture of blame!”