• What password?

    Why did my phone’s alarm either not go off or wake me up on time this morning?

    And more importantly, when I turned it on, why was it asking me for a password? (I have a PIN on my SIM card, but this wasn’t prompting me for that)

    After trying every password it could possibly be, I did a reset, and fortunately, the password prompt went away.

    So either there’s a weird bug in Windows Mobile 6, I set a password on it in my sleep (unlikely), or someone else did this (also unlikely).

    The last thing I did before I turned out the light was to confirm that the alarm was set (so there wasn’t a password set then), so this is very odd.

  • If your 'Show Desktop' icon is missing from the Quick Launch toolbar

    then this is how you put it back.

  • Tracking what I'm doing

    Week to view diaryI’ve traditionally used a paper diary to record my daily work activities. At our team meetings, I then use this to report what I’ve been doing in the last week.

    I leave the diary on my desk at work, so one problem is when I work at home, I need to try and remember the next day what I did.

    I considered another blog for this purpose, but all I need is somewhere private that I can record short notes. Even better if they get timestamped.

    The two possible candidates that I’m trialling are Google Notebook and Twitter.

    Twitter kind of makes sense, except that I generally don’t want these notes to be public, so if it isn’t possible to keep them private then Notebook will probably win out.

    We’ll see if I prefer online to offline, but at least my typing is easier to read (and faster to enter) than my handwriting :-)