• Installing Moodle on Windows Server 2003 with SQL Server

    To get started, there’s some excellent instructions available for download as a PDF.

    Additional things I did:

    I tried to set up the FastCGI extension for IIS, but after getting some weird errors, decided to leave it for another time.

    This did end up taking a lot longer that I’d hoped. But at least it is working now.

  • Mobile browsing

    Microsoft claimed that Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile 6 was a big improvement on previous versions. That wouldn’t be hard, seeing as earlier versions were roughly equivalent to most of IE3/4.

    Unfortunately, IE for WM6 isn’t that much better. Quite a few websites I visit render poorly on it.

    I’m a big fan of Mozilla, and they’ve produced Minimo. This runs like a very slow dog and seems to crash more often than not. Hopefully it will improve over time, but I’m not sure that there’s much (if any) further development going on.

    I tried Opera’s mobile browser, which looked really good. It costs money however, and I’d prefer not to pay for a web browser.

    Today I came across Skyfire. It’s a free browser, initially for Windows Mobile 5 & 6. It’s still in Beta, and for some weird reason, while you can sign up for the beta, if you don’t have a US telephone number, you can’t get it at the moment. A bit strange as they do say it will work over WiFi too.

  • Windows Server 2008 released and Vista SP1 (almost)

    I see that Windows Server 2008 has been released, and downloads are now on the Connect site.

    Vista Service Pack 1 as also been finalised, but it appears it won’t be available for download until Mid-March.

    Looks like we need to be a bit more patient, unless they do make it available on the Connect site prior to the regular public Microsoft Downloads site.