• Where's the time zone update for Windows Mobile devices?

    I [mentioned previously]/2007/11/daylight-saving-in-south-australia.html) that Microsoft released an update for their desktop and server operating systems in late November. This included the new daylight-savings ending for South Australia.

    For some reason, we’re still waiting for a similar update for Mobile Devices. The last release was from August 2007, and that doesn’t include changes for South Australia or Tasmania.

    What’s the holdup? Daylight savings will have finished if they don’t hurry up!

  • CodeCampOz 2008

    Mitch announced that Code Camp Oz is on again this year in Wagga Wagga.

    I’ve attended every one so far, and plan to be there again this year. About the only thing that could throw a spanner in the works would be the early arrival of [G3]/2007/10/g3-on-way.html).

  • Firefox Extensions I use

    I thought it would be useful for posterity to document which add-ons to Firefox I’m currently using.

    Bookmark Duplicate Detector

    Does what it’s name says - keeps your bookmarks free of redundant entries.


    Let’s you find out what colour something is on the current web page.


    Download manager (I’m using 1.0b2) which makes big files downloading a lot faster. Not 100% compatible with all sites, so you do need to resort to the built-in manager sometimes.


    The best web page debugger and inspector.

    Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

    I use this to synchronise my bookmarks between work and home.

    IE View

    I don’t use this as much as I once did, but there are some pages out there that unfortunately only render in IE.

    One of those nice productivity enhancers - it modifies the cursor when you hover over a link to indicate what the target file type is. Notice in the image below how it tells me that this is a link to a Word Document.

    Example of link alert extension

    Live Writerfox

    Let’s me launch LiveWriter to blog about the current web page.

    View Trace.axd

    Roger’s fantastic add-on that makes debugging ASP.NET applications so much easier.

    Web Developer

    The original web developer toolbar. Firebug supercedes some (but not all) functionality so I don’t use this as much as I used to.


    Requires Firebug and gives you a “performance report card” of the current web page.

    I haven’t mentioned DOM Inspector or Talkback, as they both come with Firefox.