• Hill Climb 2008

    Last month, members of the Blackwood Hills Baptist Church Bike Club had a Hill Climb race in Belair National Park.

    Turns out none other than my Dad won on handicap! Check out some nice photos of the day (including a few with Dad, though they didn’t manage to get one of him crossing the finish line).

  • The NHibernate FAQ

    Ayende mentions the The NHibernate FAQ

  • Change Management Final

    Yesterday, the final “Managing Change Plan” for the Flexible Learning Centre was released, as far as the areas that aren’t being disputed by the NTEU.

    A quick read has revealed that my position will transfer to ISTS on April 21st. I’m currently on leave until mid-May so I’m not expecting that to affect me much. There’s also a review and evaluation of the whole process scheduled in 12 months time - that will make interesting reading.

    One other thing I learned last week was that there’s no chance of me getting a redundancy package instead of my position moving. I figured this might be the case, but when $$$s are involved you want to make sure.

    Having a break has been a good thing though:

    • Time to do some jobs around home (including getting ready for G3’s arrival next month)
    • Taking the kids to school/sport.
    • Spending a bit more time with the kids before the new baby arrives.
    • Appreciation of what Narelle has been doing getting the kids ready every morning when I would normally be heading off to work.
    • Allowed Narelle to pick up some part-time work doing flu vaccinations at the local GP clinic.
    • Visiting Ikea and assembling various pieces of recently-purchased furniture.
    • Considering my work options (which almost certainly mean leaving UniSA for greener pastures)

    As I’ve said to a couple of people already, you definitely know you’re on holidays when you start to lose track of what day it is!