• Silent iPAQ

    My trusty rw6828 SmartPhone has been sent off to get fixed, as it is suffering from the not unknown problem that the audio isn’t working.

    It works if you have the earplugs connected, but the only sound it makes otherwise is that the phone rings when someone is calling, but otherwise there is no sound at all.

    I tried jiggling the jack to no avail.

    I had to include a copy of the original invoice so our IT department can arrange for it to be serviced, and it turns out it will be a year next week since I first got it. This means it should just sneak in under warranty!

  • Windows Live Writer Beta 3

    Windows Live Writer Beta 3 has been released. I’m using it to post this blog entry.

    A couple of nice new features.

    The installer caught my eye - it installs Writer, but also lets you dynamically choose to install other programs from the Windows Live stable.

    windows live installer

    It also adds the ability to upload images to picasaweb when posting to blogger. So assuming that feature actually works, the above image should be hosted in picasaweb.

  • Microsoft Update Catalog

    Ben showed me this yesterday - Microsoft have a searchable catalogue of all the updates they push out via Microsoft Update.

    It lists the versions which is nice, but for some reason it refuses to run in Firefox which is a bit silly.