• National Ride to Work Day

    I got an email from Jeff Kasparian yesterday about National Ride to Work Day.

    I’ve signed up to be the coordinator for our building. We already have about 2-3 regular bike riders - maybe we might get a few extras on 17th October.

    I try and ride to work around once a week, but I do tend to be a bit fussy about picking good weather. It’s a 40km round trip too, so it isn’t something I’d consider doing every day.

  • Dave Glover on ASP.NET Dynamic Data Controls

    I see Dave Glover is coming to town on Thursday to talk about ASP.NET Dynamic Data Controls (Oryx).

    Lunch is at 12 noon, the session starts at 12.30.

    I’ll be there!

  • YSlow for Firebug

    YSlow for Firebug is a Firefox addin analyses web pages and suggests ways to make them load faster. It requires the Firebug addin.

    (Via Ayende’s blog)