• Windows Live

    There’s a new version of Windows Live Messenger - v8.5.1302.1018 and the RTM of Windows Live Writer.

    Get them both from the one installer.

    I’m using Live Writer to create most of my blog posts now - it’s a really nice editor, and you can tell it to generate XHTML (go to your weblog settings, look in the Advanced section and click XHTML).

  • Microsoft Visual Basic Compiler has stopped working

    It would be me that happens to make the Visual Basic compiler crash!

    As I’ve mentioned in the Rhino Mocks group, the crash appears to be caused by an interesting combination of a generic interface, another interface that inherits from the generic one, and a mock object that implements that interface. When you then try to use the new void method handling code (a new feature of Rhino Mocks 3.3) the compiler barfs (that’s a compiler technical term).

    I’ve attached a simple project to the MS bug report that reproduces the crash. Please contact me if you are interested in the code.

    The workaround is to revert to the pre-3.3 way of handing void method expectations:

    eg. instead of this:

    Using Mocks.Record()


    End Using

    Do this:

    Using Mocks.Record()


    End Using

  • Fix it Pat (part 2)

    Photo of David from Sunday Mail As we arrived at Church on Sunday, I was greeted by a number of people saying, “We saw you in the paper today!”

    So while I didn’t get a mention from Thursday’s interview on the day, apparently my mug is in the paper edition, along with along with some of my comments (down under the Belair sub-heading).

    To be fair to the Sunday Mail, they are being pretty open about the fact that they were the ones handing out the badges, and I think I’ve been quoted accurately, which is reassuring.

    (Photo from Sunday Mail, 4th November 2007)