• YSlow for Firebug

    YSlow for Firebug is a Firefox addin analyses web pages and suggests ways to make them load faster. It requires the Firebug addin.

    (Via Ayende’s blog)

  • NHibernate plugin for Visual Studio 2005

    I was only thinking the other day, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone wrote an add-in to Visual Studio that let you drag tables from a database and it generated NHibernate-compatible class definitions and mapping for me”.

    Well it appears I wasn’t the first to have this idea.

    The project seems to be run by Adam Langley. There is some source code available, though not in the SourceForge SVN/CVS repository.

    One problem at the moment is that it only generates C# code.

  • Opening Visual Studio 2005 projects in Orcas (2008)

    I’d assumed that Visual Studio 2008 would be able to open 2005 projects and manage them alongside any new 2008 projects.

    This isn’t quite correct - 2008 will upgrade 2005 projects, but those projects can still target the .NET 2.0 runtime. There is a difference!

    So if you’ve got a team project where not everyone is moving to 2008, best keep using 2005 on it.