• CodeCampSA 2007 - Day 1

    A really good day - great to see lots of people turning up.

    Che Metcalf

    • Talked about PodMo, a free mobile-based (eg. primarily bluetooth) network he is developing.
    • [Mega SA](http://megasa.org) - mobile applications incubator. Will have links to UniSA graduate certificate course next year.

    David Gardiner

    • I did my LINQ for SQL talk. I think it went ok.

    Michael Baker

    • Talked about Design By Contract
    • Very interesting talk - I think I have a better understanding of this now, and can see how we might make use of this in our development processes.

    Dave Glover

    • Silverlight
    • First time I’ve seen demos of PopFly - really nitfy.

    Jey Srikantha

    • Demonstrated K2 BlackPearl. A tool for Visio and Visual Studio that manages business process. Looks very comprehensive.

    Mitch Denny

    • Team Foundation Server, specifically using it for continuous integration
    • Make use of virtualisation when deploying TFS.
    • Use TFS Integrator to automate builds
    • Use TFS Deploy to automate deployment

    Paul Turner

    • Microsoft CRM

    Dave Glover (filling in for Jeff Headley)

    • Expression Web - the next version of FrontPage.
    • Better standards support and some nice enhancements.

  • Welcome RJ

    RJ has joined the Online Services team this week. As you can see, he’s spent time on the Academic side of the fence - now he’ll be seeing how the other half live as a ‘Professional’ staff member!

  • Expert profile: Mr David Gardiner

    The University of South Australia participates in publishing it’s staff expertise on ExpertGuide.com.au. It’s a site that aggregates expertise from academic and professionals, and is obviously a great resource for journalists.

    Because I’d [presented some talks]/2006/09/internet-safety-for-kids-presentation.html) on Internet Safety for Children, I’d added this as an area of expertise, not really thinking about how this might be interpreted by other users of the site (eg. journalists).

    I’ve realised now that this explains the [phone call earlier this week]/2007/07/almost-famous.html), and again today from from a Sunday Mail journalist.

    Consequently, I’ve updated my profile to more accurately reflect what I am an expert in.

    Internet Safety for Children is an interest and a concern of mine, but I’m not an expert in that field.