• Welcome Jagruti

    Our team continues to grow - Jagruti has joined us on contract, bring our team’s developer count to 6.

    This is great, though it does make using the 5-user license of Team Foundation Server a bit of a juggling match :-)

    No, her name does not end in an ‘s’ - someone somewhere did a typo (but we don’t want a culture of blame), and it’s taking a few days for the correction to filter through to all the various systems.

  • IdBag in NHibernate

    I’ve just wasted a few hours trying to get an idbag working, but it turns out that it it doesn’t work for identity columns.

    I’d noticed the comment in the documentation that ‘native’ columns are not supported.  What I hadn’t realised what that ‘identity’ is a native column.

    I wish they’d fix this.

  • CodeCampSA 2007 - More reflections

    A few more things that have come to mind.

    • Lunches seemed a bit rushed. I was surprised to see that Wagga’s schedule only allowed 30 minutes for lunch too.

      Even though I liked the BBQ, they did appear to have problems keeping up with demand - eg. the second tray of cooked food came out just as we were heading back in.

    • Not enough time for questions. Most sessions probably ran over-time (I suspect I was guilty of this too). Having a consistent 5 minute warning would probably help everything keep on track better.
    • A better web site. I’m not convinced that the “news” page on ADNUG’s site was the best place to promote the event and session times. Carl and Richard from DotNetRocks seem to agree - I was pleased that the event was promoted on their podcast, but they commented a number of times about the lack of information on the web page.

      I’m thinking it either needs its own independent web site, or see if we can have a space on CodeCampOz.

    Don’t get me wrong, while I’ve listed things that I think could be improved, I did enjoy the weekend and got a lot out of it!