• Microsoft Management Model Designer

    Here’s a new tool from Microsoft to help you produce MOM management packs for your applications.

    A bit of background can be found in a document published last year - Health Modelling: A Key step to DSI-enabled applications

    The tool helps you to manage the events and counters exposed by your application that can be used to assist in monitoring performance and problems.

  • Adelaide (Buckland Park) Radar offline

    Users of my [Australian Weather Radar gadget]/2007/04/australian-weather-radar-vista-sidebar.html) (particularly Adelaide-based ones and new users) - please note that the Buckland Park radar (and hence the images from it) is unavailable for the next two weeks.

    So, no the gadget isn’t broken (which was my first thought!) - just select a different location (eg. Sellicks Hill) and it all works again.

    When I get a chance, I’ll upload an updated version that fixes a few issues that I am aware of so far:

    • Some locations are in the wrong state/territory.
    • The centering of the image doesn’t take into account the ”docked height” value

    Please let me know of any other bugs or errors you’ve noticed.

  • PageMethods goes Open Source

    I just received an email from Fabrice Marguerie, the creator of PageMethods (that useful tool that helps make your links between pages in ASP.NET applications “type-safe”) He’s decided to make the project Open Source on CodePlex. This is great, as hopefully it will allow a few people to contribute and help the tool to develop and improve.