• SIMILE | Timeline

    Seen via Scott Hanselman, here’s an interesting AJAX tool for visualising time-based events.

  • Asia Pacific SharePoint Conference

    I saw the briefest mention in the middle of this article that there’s going to be a SharePoint conference in Sydney sometime in early May.

  • LINQ to SQL talk

    Yesterday, I was the speaker at the monthly meeting of the Adelaide SQL Server User Group. I presented a talk on LINQ to SQL.

    I’ll forward the slides and samples to Rob to post soon, but here are some of the links I mentioned.

    I think everyone seemed to be following along pretty well (I didn’t notice anyone actually falling asleep!), and the feedback all seemed to be at the positive end of the scale which is nice.

    It will be really interesting to get my hands on the next CTP of Visual Studio Orcas and see how LINQ has changed since the May 2006 release.