• MSDN Success Builder Modules

    Microsoft have just released a whole lot of training “modules”. I presume there’ll be some kind of announcement or overview published shortly about them.

    They seem to cover all kinds of topics related to development and developer practices.

    eg. MSDN Success Builder Module 1-001 - Introduction to Agile Project Management

    “Agile project management is more than a software production method. It is a philosophy—a grassroots movement to change software development by valuing individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Developers who understand and embody agile project management techniques will make their organizations more efficient and themselves more valuable. This comprehensive introduction features seven team exercises that teach agile concepts and a downloadable white paper for further study. 85-screen PowerPoint with 7 subsections plus PDF white paper. 4 hours.”

  • Vista and Daylight Savings

    I logged into my Vista box tonight and got a nice surprise. A pleasant reminder that tonight the clocks wind back an hour![](/assets/2007/03/2_vista-dst.png)

  • Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

    This appears to be the RTM of the extensions for Visual Studio 2005 that improve support for developing Web Parts, site and list definitions. It also includes the “SharePoint Solution Generator”.