• New firmware for SPA-3000

    LinkSys (who bought out Sipura) have released version 3.1.18 of the firmware for their SPA-3000 analogue telephone adapter.

    The comments in reply to my post on Whirlpool seem to indicate that this improves quality and reduces echo. I’ve just updated my box, so it will be interested to see if any difference is noted.

  • SnoopSoft Dashboard and WebCalendar

    I did something most unusual the other day - I purchased some software.

    The unusual thing wasn’t the purchasing (I do try and keep legitimate), but that I did it rather than getting work to pay for it.

    What I bought was the SnoopSoft Dashboard and WebCalendar bundle for my HP iPAQ rw6828 Pocket PC.

    It turned out to be quite cheap (USD17.95 - only AUD23.13 for me), and I couldn’t really claim it was for work purposes.

    The main feature I’m interested in is the WebCalendar. This lets me display the agenda from my Outlook/Exchange calendar at work and also a number of Google Calendars as well.

    I’ve recently created a private “family” calendar, and also created one for our basketball matches (that one’s public).

    So now I get a view of all the coming events for both work and home stuff. The nice thing is that this mirrors what I can do in Outlook 2007 by adding those same calendars as Internet Calendars.

    The only problem I’ve found with the software to date is that it isn’t able to retrieve the Google Calendars when my iPAQ is docked to my work computer. I think it’s related to the fact that we use a proxy to access the Internet. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.

  • Australian Weather Radar Vista Gadget v1.1

    I’ve published an updated version of my Australian Weather Radar Gadget.

    I had a request from Simon to enable the 256km images as he lives just out of range of his closest radar’s 128km image.

    A small number of the Bureau’s radars also support a 64km image (Adelaide’s Buckland Park being one), so I also added that option while I was at it.

    When you set the image height, it also now resizes the “centering” image on the settings page, so it should now correspond to the same size as is shown in the sidebar.

    Ideally, I’d re-write the re-centering so that it would use a drag/drop method like Google Maps etc, but my initial trials weren’t successful. Either I’m not coding it right, or drag/drop is disabled for sidebar gadgets.

    Despite comments on the gadget page asking for weather details, I’m not planning to add them to this gadget at this stage - I figure it’s better to concentrate on one thing and try and do that well.