• VS2005 SP1 Update for Vista

    This was a perfectly timed release - just before I reloaded my machine, the RTM of the Vista compatibility update for Visual Studio 2005. Install [service pack 1]/2006/12/visual-studio-2005-team-suite-service.html), and then install this update.

  • Moving to Vista RTM

    After a few test runs (including confirming that all my data was copied over to an external hard disk), I finally took the plunge yesterday.

    I’m now running Windows Vista Enterprise, and one big change is that I’ve gone back to 32-bit. I’m a little disappointed as 64-bit was working pretty well, but there were a few things that didn’t work at all, like [Oracle client software]/2007/03/oracle-databases-on-windows-vista.html) and Centra (which forced me to run both inside Virtual PC)

    I’m pleased to report that Oracle has installed ok now.

    I also repartitioned the disk, so now I’ve got my data back on D: where it belongs. I did some rough calculations and decided on 60 Gigabytes for the primary C: partition.

    Overall, RTM seems pretty solid. One good thing was that I noticed running SourceSafe now seems a lot faster than on the 64-bit RC2 environment. Don’t know if it’s the move back to 32bit or RTM that has fixed that problem - but a “Get Latest” was taking minutes to complete, and we’re back now to a few seconds, which is much more respectable.

    About the only thing I forgot to do before reformatting was to check-in some pending changes into our Team Foundation Server. Because I forgot to do that, it left the changes “orphaned” in the old workspace. This was causing some weird things to happen on the new install until I realised that it might not be happy using the old workspace in the new OS. Removing the old workspace and doing some careful updating (manually updating those files I hadn’t checked in) and I’m ok now.

  • Asia Pacific SharePoint Conference update

    It’s now official, the conference that [had been hinted at last month]/2007/02/asia-pacific-sharepoint-conference.html) will be on May 15-16th at the Sydney Hilton Hotel.

    Now to wait and see if there’s enough “technical” content to make it worth me attending.