• Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Windows Vista

    Now that Windows Vista has been launched for the regular public, there are quite a few new updates (both for Vista itself and other applications) being made available by Microsoft.

    Finally, we now have a version of PowerShell that works with Vista!

    Now I can try out all the tricks that Rob demonstrated at the January SQL meeting!

  • Simian: Similarity Analyser v2.2.12

    I came across Simian in a post by Owen Rogers (one of the developers of CruiseControl.NET) discussing code analysis tools.

    It analyses code and looks for bits that are really similar (or the same). Sounds like it would be useful to identify duplicate code blocks, especially in larger projects.

  • Tour Down Under 2007

    On Friday, I rode with my Dad (and 2,700 others!) in the Challenge Tour - a 128km ride from Stirling (in the Adelaide Hills) down to Victor Harbor. We entered the ride as part of the “Mud, Sweat and Gears” team, which are a group of cyclists from Blackwood Hills Baptist Church.

    Unlike last year (> 40°C), the day was cool, and quite wet. Even though we were pretty soggy at the end of the ride, I’ve decided I much prefer to be wet than too hot.

    We completed the ride in ~6 hours, which certainly wasn’t record beating, but a comfortable pace for us.

    The only disappointing thing was that we missed out on riding under the finish arch by seconds, as they’d closed it off in preparation for the professional riders.