• Inconsolata

    Via Scott Hanselmann, Inconsolata is a promising new monospaced font that could be good for writing code in, apparently inspired by [Consolas]/2006/05/consolas-font-pack.html).

  • A HttpModule that moves ViewState to the bottom

    I came across this via LarkWare News - it’s a HttpModule that moves the ViewState data in the HTML down to the bottom of the page.

    The idea of doing this is that the browser then gets to render all the regular page content before it hits the ViewState blob.

    Looking at the comments, there appear to be a few small problems, but it could be a useful thing to use on ViewState-heavy pages once it is more robust.

  • New Vice Chancellor for UniSA

    Professor Peter Høj will take over from Professor Denise Bradley next year as the new Vice Chancellor of The University of South Australia.

    Yes, that isn’t a regular ‘o’ - it has a slash through it because Peter hails originally from Denmark, though he’s been in Australia since 1987.

    I’ll link to the press release when it goes live.