• Microsoft Ready Summit '06

    I’ve managed to attend two of these events this year. The first was in Sydney as it coincided with family holidays in that state.

    It was held at the Sydney Convention Centre (the same venue as Tech-Ed). I think there were more exhibitors in Sydney compared to Adelaide, but [again the catering let Sydney down]/2006/08/tech-ed-2006-day-1.html).

    I didn’t get to see as many sessions in Adelaide yesterday, as I also needed to get back to work to oversee our building’s emergency evacuation drill (all went well I’m pleased to report).

    I do think Adelaide does a much better job of putting on a seminar like this (really nice food for lunch, and they even know about dessert!) It isn’t the main point of a day like this, but I do think it reflects on the quality of the venue and location. Yay Adelaide.

  • Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP

    [Earlier this year]/2006/06/remote-desktop-spanning-two-monitors.html), I mentioned my success in using the Remote Desktop client from the Vista beta to enable multiple monitor spanning.

    I’ve had a few enquiries about that post, and those people will be glad to see that Microsoft have now publicly released the new version of the RDP client.

  • Things missing in IIS7

    Some things that I’ve noticed are missing in IIS7 that comes with Vista.

    • WebDAV (as mentioned to me by Ben)
    • FrontPage extensions
    • The SMTP service

    WebDAV is a big problem for our production web server, as we currently promote that as the way for people to edit their content.