• dotTrace Profiler

    “Efficient CPU profiler for hunting down performance bottlenecks in your .NET applications” - as recommended by the Joy of Code.

  • IE + JavaScript Performance Recommendations - Part 1

    Some useful best practices for making JavaScript work well in IE (and most likely in other browsers too)

  • Tech-Ed 2006 - Day 3

    Friday was a pretty good day. Some good talks from Mitch on extending Team Foundation Server, and a really interesting final session on Concurrency from Joel Pobar.

    The closing keynote (“locknote”) was by Dr Frank Soong. He showed some really impressive image and video algorithms that Microsoft Research have been developing. Some pretty smart guys are working there I think.

    Next year will be back at the Gold Coast, and I get the impression that I’m not the only one who was a bit disappointed with a few of the things this year. I’m optimistic that they’ll do a much better job in Queensland in 2007.

    Hopefully they can also get rid of those ridiculous barcode scanners that made us all feel like sheep when ever we entered one of the sessions.

    I flew back to Adelaide this morning, and while I enjoyed the conference, it is really nice to be back home with the family again.