• Microsoft ® Windows Mobile ® Device Center Beta 3 for Windows Vista™ (x86)

    “The Microsoft ® Windows Mobile ® Device Center enables data synchronization between Windows Mobile ® powered devices and Windows Vista™”

    Don’t know much about this - looks a bit like it’s ActiveSync for Vista.

    I also got my replacement iPAQ today - with buttons that don’t fall off, so we’re off to a good start already :-)

  • Skype

    Although I’ve been aware of Skype for quite a while, I’ve never had occasion to use it until now.

    Our friend Jane was able to talk to her sister Ann who is now overseas, and it worked pretty well.

    Not as seamless in my opinion as proper VoIP (like we use for our normal phonecalls at home), but it is still free so you can’t complain about that.

  • My new phone

    Photo of phone showing button separated I decided to get the HP iPAQ rw6828. It arrived this week, but I’m wondering…. is it supposed to do this?

    Then there’s the debacle that they didn’t port my old number over to the new SIM that comes with this phone (my old phone is CDMA so didn’t have a SIM).

    It now looks like I’ll end up with the new number on the SIM just in time to send the new phone back to be fixed. I do wonder if a drop of glue might be an easier solution.

    I also noticed that Optus coverage around my house leaves a bit to be desired.

    Apart from the falling off button, the technology itself looks good so far.