• Acronym support - A Windows Live Writer Plugin I'd like to see

    I try to make the effort to use the <acronym> element to explain any acronyms used in my posts.

    What I’d like is a plugin for Windows Live Writer that lets me select text and add surround it with <acronym> element.

    If there was a acronym web service out there somewhere, then it could hook into that to source the definitions of the acronym.

  • Selenium and AspNetTest

    I came across AspNetTest the other day while I was looking at another project on CodePlex.

    I have previously used NUnitAsp for doing some unit testing of ASP.NET UI bits, but as it emulates a “noscript” browser, it isn’t very good at testing the “scripty” bits - e.g. AJAX, drag/drop stuff. It has also not been developed very much in the last two years.

    Anyway, AspNetTest describes itself as being built upon NUnit and Selenium Remote Control.

    It appears that it provides a nice way to automate unit testing of the web UI stuff, and I’ve seen some demos that indicate that it should handle the tricky drag/drop and AJAX kinds of scenarios that are of interest to me.

  • Add variables to standard CSS stylesheets in ASP.NET

    Mads implements a HttpHandler to allow C# to be embedded in CSS files so your stylesheet can be customized.