• Tech-Ed 2006 - Getting here

    The original plan was for the family to drive over to Sydney, but my Dad ended up having a major back operation scheduled for Monday, so we thought it would be best to hang around to see how that went instead.

    Fortunately, work was happy for me to fly over instead, but it has meant that our planned holiday and catching up with family in NSW will be postponed until later in the year.

    The flight was good, and I’m still staying with the in-laws as originally planned, so I’m being looked after very well :-)

  • Visual Studio .NET 2003 SP1

    You might argue that this is 3 years late, but at least they finally released a service pack for Visual Studio 2003.

    Apparently, the service pack for 2005 is due later this year - and not before time too - while the features of the new environment are fantastic, I’m seeing it crash with alarming regularity. Not the stable development environment you would expect.

  • Windows Live Writer

    A new desktop application for writing blog entries. Quite a nice WYSIWYG interface. Will be interesting to see how good the integration with Blogger is.