• "Hey, that's me!"

    I just noticed there’s a link to my blog on the Australian SQL Server User Group home page - I’m not sure how long it’s been there, but then I don’t always look up in the top-right corner :-)

    Which reminds me, when I have some spare time I need to see if I can fix the layout problem with their Forums area in Firefox. I also put my hand up to add some RSS feeds to the site which I haven’t done anything about yet.

    Returning to a positive note however, I’m pleased to see that the Adelaide SQL group is doing really well at the moment. Maybe it’s our jet-setting leader, or the great speakers, but we are getting regular crowds of 30+ and I’m always learning something new each time I go.

  • The 'Atlas' Control Toolkit

    Brad Adams mentions the release of the”The ‘Atlas’ Control Toolkit” - I think we will use this.

  • How to subscribe to Tfs alerts for new workitems only

    Something to remember - BisSubscribe.exe is the command-line tool for maintaining alerts for Team Foundation Server

    This tools is installed on the server, and by default ends up in the following path:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server\TF Setup

    Supposedly, you can list all the events that can have alerts attached to them by using the web service on the TFS box - eg. http://localhost:8080/Services/v1.0/registration.asmx/GetRegistrationEntries but this fails with an exception for me.