• Patterns & Practices Summit

    Just came across this summit on Architecture and Design for .NET happening in Sydney, February 21-23, 2006.

  • CLVY In Build

    I noticed tonight that our exchange has been updated from “Planned” to “In Build”. I’ve ordered HOME-Extreme-Value so that we’ll be migrated to the Agile DSLAM and be eligible for the higher speed and quota.

  • Excavation progress

    Excavation at the back of our houseOne of the holes for the retaining wall still half-full of waterExcavation was due to be completed today, but due to the thunderstorms we had yesterday, the powder-dry clay has turned into a sticky, muddy mess! Way too wet for the excavators to work in. Hopefully we’ll have some dry weather for the next few days and they can come back next week.

    Looks like the retaining wall won’t be finished in time for Christmas.