• Gardiner.net.au is live

    www.gardiner.net.au is up and running (hosted by KnowledgeSouth) I should have email forwarding working soon

  • Windows x64 demo in Adelaide

    Microsoft Events:Mario D’Silva will be presenting this month on Windows x64 Edition and how you can use it to scale up workloads. He will be demonstrating the x64 platform version and covering off common questions and answers with respect to this platform including:

    • Will this improve Terminal Services?
    • What applications benefit from it?
    • Different editions of x64 platform
    • Hardware Support

  • We have an ABN

    I’ve registered an ABN for Narelle and I. ABRpublic - Search Results This will be useful for being able to do extra work outside of my FLC work, and Narelle could use it if she wants to work as a contractor for Diabetes or Nursing. I’ve also registered gardiner.net.au domain to advertise our services.