• Multiple Service Pack 2's for Office 2003

    Microsoft have released Service Pack 2’s for a number of their Office 2003 products.

    There’s also a new release of SharePoint that includes SP2 (the link above is just for the service pack for existing installations).

  • Replacing a gear cable on a Shimano RSX shifter

    Yesterday, I was going to ride my bike to work. I didn’t get past the driveway as my rear gear cable broke. I’m glad it didn’t happen halfway up Flagstaff Hill Rd!

    So I bought a new cable and fitted it this morning. Turns out you probably don’t need to pull anything apart (as I did at first), just follow this advice about moving the shifter to the highest position so you can just slide the cable out easily.

    Our digital camera is still being fixed by Olympus (how many more weeks can it take!) otherwise I’d add a photo to show my handywork.

  • Dr Neil touring Australia

    I read on Charles’s blog that Dr Neil Roodyn will be running some .NET eXtreme courses, both 1 and 2 days in length, and yes he is coming to Adelaide.