Friday, 17 June 2005

These little bloggers went to market - Technology -

These little bloggers went to market - Technology - "These little bloggers went to market" I've just had a week's holiday in Sydney, and while I was there I read this article in the Sydney Morning Herald's Tuesday edition (they have a small IT section a bit like The Australian does). It got me thinking about how "corporate" blogging might work at UniSA. Would it be embraced by staff, and what would students and people from outside UniSA think of it?

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CloCkWeRX said...

As someone who tried to force Adelaide onto the concept, I discovered people by and large... don't get it.

Those that do tend to blather on in a boring fashion about things of little interest to anyone outside of their own narrow field.

So, you either need to have a sensationlist, curse-like-a-sailor blog, or be actually interesting in whatever it is you're doing.

That being said, by all means give it a crack! The more adelaide news, the better!