Thursday, 13 October 2005

RSS for PocketPC with Firefox

I use Firefox as my preferred browser, and at the moment I've found the Live Bookmarks feature the easiest way to track various RSS feeds of interest to me.

At a recent Adelaide SQL User Group meeting, Rob showed me an application running on his PPC device that I think was Egress. It made me think what I really want is an application that would run on my iPAQ that would grab the latest stuff from my RSS, but use the Live Bookmarks in my Firefox profile as the source of what RSS feeds to get.

Now I only have to build the thing :-)

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Rob Farley said...

Yup - it was Egress.

I use Firefox too - the trick would be to push your Live Bookmarks out to myChannels.opml, and then sync that to your iPaq.

I want to be able to blog from my PocketPC - I've seen a freeware app that should do it, but I was expecting to have to find a way of building one myself. ;)