ADSL2+ is here!

Written on April 19, 2006

In the time it takes to have a shower, our broadband connection has been swapped over and we now have ADSL2+!

ADSL1 (Before, Telstra DSLAM)
Upstream Downstream
SNR Margin 24.5 dB 24 dB
Line Attenuation 34.5 dB 20.0 dB
Speed 256,000 1,536,000
ADSL2+ (After, Agile DSLAM)
Upstream Downstream
SNR Margin 9.0 dB 9.0 dB
Line Attenuation 38.5 dB 21.0 dB
Speed 942,600 11,467,480

Internode have the facility to customise the ADSL2+ profile, so tweaking that may improve things slightly. I've also got a Central Splitter that I plan to install as part of our house extensions so that should help things slightly too. But you can't complain about a 10x improvement!

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