Thursday, 18 May 2006

Google Notebook

I've been using Microsoft OneNote for a few years now, and find it quite useful for storing all sorts of useful things. We're also using it at home as a way of recording recipes too, instead of having countless slips of scrap paper flying around. Now along comes Google Notebook - a free web-based service that sounds like a pretty similar idea. It only works for Firefox (and IE) at the moment.


Anonymous said...

From monster-in-law: I found Notebook rather difficult to format. What about an Access database. One field could be "flour", one for "eggs", etc. This could keep you going till retirement!

David Gardiner said...

One reason why I prefer OneNote for recipes is that it is "free form", in that you don't have to have any pre-defined fields/columns in a special database.

You can just copy and paste stuff in, put it in a reasonably logical place, and use search to find things.

About the only thing you can't do easily is to multiply the quantities automatically, which I've seen some recipe websites (and I presume recipe database software) do. But then it's good to use your brain for something :-)