Friday, 24 November 2006

Things missing in IIS7

Some things that I've noticed are missing in IIS7 that comes with Vista.

  • WebDAV (as mentioned to me by Ben)
  • FrontPage extensions
  • The SMTP service

WebDAV is a big problem for our production web server, as we currently promote that as the way for people to edit their content.


James said...

Let's not forget the menu bar!

Easily enabled but annoyingly disabled by default.

One thing that irks me a bit in IE7 is that a tab must have focus before you can close it (using the close button on the tab). With Firefox 2 I can happily click away and close down my tabs without having to open & render the pages.

David Gardiner said...

IIS7 == Internet Information Server 7.0 :-)

I'll have to take more notice about tab focus in IE7 to see if it bothers me too.

bill said...

we're working on a webdav feature for IIS7 to be available sometime next year. by the time IIS7 is available for in Windows Server, you should see it.

James said...

I totally did not notice that you said IIS, I really have to start reading things properly.

Sorry about that.

Anonymous said... is a .Net WebDAV server that runs on IIS7