Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Vista RC2 64bit on my desktop

I've taken the plunge and have started using my new Dell box with Vista 64bit RC2.

Hopefully I'll get access to Vista RTM in the next week or so, then I can either install everything again, or just upgrade.

So far most things are working fine. There was a small hiccup this morning when I arranged for the IP address to be swapped over to the new box, but that seems to be resolved now.

Problems I have noticed so far are:

  • Our print server doesn't have 64bit printer drivers, so I've had to use a workaround I read about in the beta newsgroup - Create a local printer with a local port and set the port name to be the printer share name. This did the trick.
  • VMware Server refused to install. I've downloaded the beta of Virtual PC 2007 and installed that instead.
  • Symantec AntiVirus won't install on Vista 64bit. I even arranged to get hold of their beta of the next version, but it doesn't work. Hopefully they'll come out with a new beta that does work soon. I also tried the beta of Microsoft OneCare, but that doesn't support 64bit either :-( I'll just have to rely on Vista's inbuilt security for now (and be careful with email attachments)
  • I can charge my iPAQ with the USB cable, but the current release of Windows Mobile Device Center doesn't allow it to connect properly. I gather they're overdue for a newer release so maybe that will be fixed then.

At the moment, I quite like the Sidebar, but it would be nice to have a weather forecast gadget along the lines of the Firefox ForecastFox extension.

Otherwise relatively smooth sailing so far.


James said...

Very brave, installing x64 Vista I mean. From what I've heard it's a complete disaster when it comes to hardware support.

I've been running RC2 x386 since it came out and RC1 before that.

Can't wait to get my hands on RTM, apparently significant improvements with performance and stability.

I've been contemplating installing the leaked RTM without a key and running it in eval mode until i get an MSDN/Retail key.

David Gardiner said...

Yes, it is a little risky - however I did do a reasonable bit of testing first to ensure that the new hardware was going to work with 64bit.

Fortunately, I was able to borrow a spare extra machine so I could run the 32bit and 64bit versions side by side to compare.

My impression was that they were pretty much identical, with the 64bit box ever so slightly faster.

I'm hoping that the Uni will have access to RTM in the next week or two - then I can hear the revised startup sound that lots of people have mentioned!