Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Beta Exams for 70-541 (71-541) for Windows SharePoint Server 3.0

I've registered for the beta exam 70-541 for Windows SharePoint Server 3.0. I needed to ring up Pearson Vue as I don't think you can book the beta exams electronically.

Curiously, they didn't have "70-541" on their list, but they did have "71-541" which has the same title, and after a few tries the lady I was talking to convinced it to accept "BTA541" as the voucher/promotional code.

I have no idea if I'll pass or not, but since I'm in an exam-taking mood I thought it doesn't hurt to try, and I'll also be doing a fair bit of SharePoint stuff between now and January.


Anonymous said...

I took the exam before noon today. However, I still don't know if I passed or not. Because it is a beta exam, I have to wait up to 8 weeks before Microsoft send me my score by email.


btw: 70 is final release exam, 71 is beta exam

Sujan said...

I will give 70-542 exam next month.It is on Microsoft office Sharepoint server 2007.Do you have any tutorials for it to pass the exam? i serached in the net but unable to find it.please help me in this regard.

David Gardiner said...

Hi Sujan,

sorry I don't have any tutorials. I don't even know if I passed the exam myself. Note also, that the exam I took was for Windows SharePoint Services (not to be confused with Microsoft Office SharePoint Services - aka MOSS).


Anonymous said...

Couldn't get either promotion code to work for 541 or 542...

David Gardiner said...

The exam is no longer in beta - that's why those codes won't work anymore!