Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Australian Weather Radar - Vista Sidebar Gadget

My very first Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget has been accepted by the Windows Live Gallery.

It allows you to select one of the weather radar locations provided by the Bureau of Meteorology, and then updates the image at regular intervals (10 minutes by default).

Because the sidebar is quite narrow, it also allows you re-centre the radar image so you can focus on your area of interest.

If you hover the mouse over the image, then it will cycle through the last few images (up to 10).

As outlined in the Copyright Notice on the Bureau's website, the images are copyrighted by the Commonwealth of Australia, but may be linked to without requiring permissions as long as acknowledgement is given and no advertising is nearby.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, siadl here.

Have you thought about doing a Forecast Gaget from the BOM?.

BOM dont support RSS feeds and have stated they are unlikely to until 2008.

wondered if you had considered it?

David Gardiner said...

I have briefly thought about the idea, but the Bureau aren't making it very easy - as you say they don't publish RSS feeds themselves.

Some other sites do have Australian feeds however - http://www.weatherzone.com.au/rss.jsp and http://www.users.on.net/~johnson/weather/

Personally, I've found the WeatherBug gadget to be pretty accurate as far as it's observations seem to agree with the Bureau's numbers (I've always been unhappy with Weather.com and AccuWeather). So I'm not in any hurry to reinvent the wheel as long as it does the job.


Rod said...

Hi Im from Central QLD and we have just installed a new radar 'EMERALD' is there a chance that you can link the radar to the gadget?
P.s have been using this gadget for a while now and just wanted to say THANKS

Jason said...

Hi, the Perth BOM radar has been replaced and moved to Serpentine. Is there any chance of updating the link in the gadget to incorporate the change? Cheers.

David Gardiner said...

Rod and Jason.. new version has been published with Emerald and Serpentine locations added.

Australian Weather Radar Gadget v1.2