Thursday, 21 June 2007

Aspect-oriented Programming in .NET

I was listening to .NET Rocks! interviewing Mark Pollack about Spring.NET today.

The discussion about some of the features of Spring.NET that support Aspect Oriented Programming sounded very interesting.

Looking at their documentation, it appears that you can either do the AOP programmatically or via xml config files.

Neither approach really grabs me at the moment.

The Castle Project offers Aspect#, however I also came across PostSharp which does sound intriguing.

I think it would require decent testing as some people have not had 100% success with it, but I do like the approach of using .NET attributes to indicate the advice to apply.


Anonymous said...

aop is not just logging, just as oop is not just inheritance. AOP is the the core of TDD and other new things (e.g. Ruby).
AOP is the next big paradigm.

we have the same blog theme!


Colin Jack said...

We are currently looking at PostSharp so I was interested in whether you acrually ended up using it and whether you had any success?

David Gardiner said...

Not at this stage.

Even though survic suggests that AOP is more than logging, i've yet to really grasp what else I might use it for in our apps.