A really good day - great to see lots of people turning up.

Che Metcalf

  • Talked about PodMo, a free mobile-based (eg. primarily bluetooth) network he is developing.
  • [Mega SA](http://megasa.org) - mobile applications incubator. Will have links to UniSA graduate certificate course next year.

David Gardiner

  • I did my LINQ for SQL talk. I think it went ok.

Michael Baker

  • Talked about Design By Contract
  • Very interesting talk - I think I have a better understanding of this now, and can see how we might make use of this in our development processes.

Dave Glover

  • Silverlight
  • First time I’ve seen demos of PopFly - really nitfy.

Jey Srikantha

  • Demonstrated K2 BlackPearl. A tool for Visio and Visual Studio that manages business process. Looks very comprehensive.

Mitch Denny

  • Team Foundation Server, specifically using it for continuous integration
  • Make use of virtualisation when deploying TFS.
  • Use TFS Integrator to automate builds
  • Use TFS Deploy to automate deployment

Paul Turner

  • Microsoft CRM

Dave Glover (filling in for Jeff Headley)

  • Expression Web - the next version of FrontPage.
  • Better standards support and some nice enhancements.