Thursday, 17 January 2008

Firefox Extensions I use

I thought it would be useful for posterity to document which add-ons to Firefox I'm currently using.

Bookmark Duplicate Detector

Does what it's name says - keeps your bookmarks free of redundant entries.


Let's you find out what colour something is on the current web page.


Download manager (I'm using 1.0b2) which makes big files downloading a lot faster. Not 100% compatible with all sites, so you do need to resort to the built-in manager sometimes.


The best web page debugger and inspector.

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer

I use this to synchronise my bookmarks between work and home.

IE View

I don't use this as much as I once did, but there are some pages out there that unfortunately only render in IE.

Link Alert

One of those nice productivity enhancers - it modifies the cursor when you hover over a link to indicate what the target file type is. Notice in the image below how it tells me that this is a link to a Word Document.

Example of link alert extension

Live Writerfox

Let's me launch LiveWriter to blog about the current web page.

View Trace.axd

Roger's fantastic add-on that makes debugging ASP.NET applications so much easier.

Web Developer

The original web developer toolbar. Firebug supercedes some (but not all) functionality so I don't use this as much as I used to.


Requires Firebug and gives you a "performance report card" of the current web page.

I haven't mentioned DOM Inspector or Talkback, as they both come with Firefox.

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BenM said...

Dave, Thanks for this, it's a good list.

A couple of other common ones that might be worth a look are:

NoScript: Gives you the ability to allow or disallow sites 'forever' or by session. I'm sure some people would find it fiddly but its worth a look.

AdBlock Plus: & the corresponding FilterSet updater. Nice because you can set it and forget it, complements NoScript when browsing ad-heavy news sites

Fasterfox which has some nifty features the nicest of which is a page loadtime clock.