Looks like it wasn’t just us affected by having our website deleted. This is the response I got to my email:

Dear Mr. David,

We really apologize for this issue. Our developer has been accidentally released the wrong version of the billing system that deleted your account.

Our support team is now working to restore your website and emails. They have setup your account as active so you can login to your control panel to raise support ticket while we are restoring your application. Due to high traffic of restoring task, please give us another 24-48 hours to bring your website up again. If you have your own backup at your side, you are pleased to restore it on your own to speed up the time.

Also, you are pleased to create support ticket to ask for your website restoring status.

Please let me know if you still face any issue. Best Regards James Sullivan SeekDotNet Sales Team

Well James, I’m not pleased to create a support ticket, but since my site is still not restored, I think I will anyway.

Someone really needs to proofread their emails :-(