I’ve just reinstalled the home PC (it was running XP Pro through a work license), but as Monday is my last day at UniSA and I plan to keep the hardware, all UniSA-licensed software has to go.

Fortunately, the box came with an OEM license for XP Home, and the timing was pretty good in that XP SP3 is being released. I still had access to a MSDN subscription, so managed to download it a few days earlier than the general public.

Reinstalling was relatively painless, and it is nice to have a nice clean OS again, without years of accrued bits and pieces slowing it down.

One thing I did need to wire up again was getting Thunderbird talking to my GMail account. The basic instructions are listed in the GMail Help Center, but there’s also these additional steps to better hook up the Spam and Junk Mail folders.