Thursday, 5 June 2008


My contract with DECS finishes this Friday. I hadn't heard if they were planning to renew, and in the meantime I was asked to interview for a contract position with ABB Grain. I've accepted a 6 month contract position with them beginning next week.

ABB (which in a previous life was the Australian Barley Board) are located in the Adelaide CBD, though down on South Tce so I'll have to investigate some different public transport options.

Apparently I'll be working on some WPF applications. This will be new to me, so I hope it will be a good "learning on the job" experience.

So it's farewell to DECS and the nice people that I've had the privilege of working with, and looking forward to finding out what my next workplace will be like.

Candle (as my first agency) have been good, and I really appreciated the unexpected present and card from them on the birth of our new baby. The new position however is through Icon. One difference I've noticed already - they have online timesheets.

Every workplace has its own unique attributes - I wonder what ABB's will be?

I guess I'll find out next week :-)


Nigel said...

Hi David, interesting that you have landed a contract in Adelaide working with WPF (nice one!). Do you mind if I ask which of Icon's agents you were corresponding with?

David Gardiner said...

Hi Nigel,

I've dealt with Scott, Jan and Rose.

I'm curious - is your interest as a client, or as a headhunter!


Nigel said...

As a client. I wouldn't have thought there are too many workplaces in Adelaide getting into WPF work - and if there are I'd like to know more about them (being very keen myself to do some commercial WPF work). I'm always watching the Adelaide job market and I'm surprised that I missed hearing about this one.

David Gardiner said...

ah, no worries! Just wondering, seeing as it appears Scott has now moved to another company.

It was funny, because there were three of us contractors working at DECS in the same area. Our phones would all ring one after the other with the same recruiters asking each of us if we were interested in a particular job.

I had two recruiters ask me about the ABB job, but while one wanted WPF experience (which I don't have yet), the other (Icon) didn't mention it as a "must have", and so I got an interview.

If you do contact Icon, please feel free to mention my name!