Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Error installing SQL 2008

I just had the following error appear near the end of installing SQL 2008 management tools:

The following error has occurred: 

Unable to get installer types in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.PSProvider.dll assembly.

Not sure what that means.


BenM said...

Not certain, but I think the PSProvider stuff has to do with Powershell, so it may be that the powershell hooks for SQL2008 are broken somehow?

Anonymous said...
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David Gardiner said...
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David Gardiner said...

Hmm. could be right Ben.. I have PowerShell installed, but that sounds like it could be related.

LinuxFanBoy - did they let you out of Kindy early today? Posts like that will make me turn moderation back on again.

Just for the record, I'm a fan of good technology. And yes, I'm the "David Gardiner" you'll find who has contributed to such applications as Mozilla (see about:credits) and Samba.


neil said...

I just tried to install SQL Server Express 2008 with Advanced services and received the same error. My powershell seems to be working fine... Did you ever figure out what the problem was?

Thanks, Neil Sacha

David Gardiner said...

Hi Neil,

it might be related but a little while later I went to use Powershell and it wouldn't work at all.

I don't remember if I'd installed Powershell before SQL2008 - possibly not.

In any case, I ended up uninstalling Powershell and then reinstalling it to get it working again.

Sorry I can't be more help,