Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Visual Studio 2008 at 100% CPU scrolling text

The Visual Studio text editor has been feeling very sluggish. It finally got so annoying, when just holding down the down arrow to scroll down was taking 1 second per line (and devenv.exe would peak in CPU % Task Manager), that I decided I needed to figure out what the problem was.

Running devenv.exe with the /safemode option resulted in a well-performing editor, so the next step was to isolate which add-in(s) was the culprit..

  1. Resharper 4.5 nightly build..
  2. TestDriven.NET
  3. Gallio
  4. CAT.NET
  5. Spelling add-in
  6. VisualSVN
  7. Visual Studio SDK
  8. WiX

And that did the trick. Looks like this bug has been identified in WiX, so hopefully the next public build will resolve the problem. In the meantime, the workaround is to unload any WiX projects in your solution.

Now to re-install everything again :-)


Rob Mensching said...

Yes, please do verify this week's build. We don't have an repro but this fix is pretty core so we have hope it will reach across the product.

If you still see the issue, please add as much additional information as possible to the bug so we can try to narrow it down further.

Ahmet said...

Nowadays, i am dealing just like this problem (devenv.exe, cpu usage)
Any solution to this ? Can u give me some tip ?

David Gardiner said...

The bug has yet to be fixed.

The workaround is to unload your Wix projects unless you're directly working (or building) them.


Ahmet said...

hi me again :) sorry to bother
I downloaded WIX's last build and it solved my cpu problem, thanks for that
but when i drag controls in Visual Studio 2008 i can't see them, i hoped that WIX solve my this problem too but it didn't, do u know smthng about that ?