Presentation notes

David Gardiner – Generating Unit Tests with Pex

  • Fantastic
  • Inspirational
  • I wish I could present like this guy
  • :-)

Anthony Borten – TFS 2010

  • Always try to install TFS, SharePoint and Build on separate servers if possible
  • Make sure you launch config tool immediately from the installer
  • Note the ‘test’ buttons to check your server names
  • Team Foundation Administration Console
  • Branching – better in 2010
  • Team Build
    • Build controller
    • Build agent
    • Gated checkins

Allan Baird – UniSA

  • Industry partnerships – opportunities to have students work for 6 or 12 month placements.

Rob Farley – The problem with BEGIN and END in T-SQL functions

  • Useful tool - “fences” – hides desktop icons
  • Generally modularisation in T-SQL is good
  • Funny joke about COUNT(dracula)
  • Compare two queries – one using a user-defined function, the other just has SQL
    • function query appears to run faster according to query plans
    • BUT, using SQL Profiler, it is actually much less efficient
    • SQL sees BEGIN/END and can’t inline the function

Liam McLennan – MVC is better than WebForms

  • WebForms is to imperial as MVC is to metric

Tatham Oddie – WebForms are better than MVC

  • Used WebForms for graysonline
  • Used application/xml mimetype to validate XHTML content with Firefox during testing
  • XHTML 1.1 templates for Visual Studio
  • Tool to convert bad HTML to valid XHTML
  • .NET 4.0 – Can disable page-level ViewState, but enable it on specific controls

Scott Barnes – Silverlight

  • Was a Flash developer before joining Microsoft
  • 400 million downloads of Silverlight
  • Biggest competitor - HTML+JS!

Anthony Borton – VSTS 2010

  • Eliminating no-repro bugs
  • Virtual Lab Management
  • Test Case Management
    • Record against real application
    • Fast forward through test steps
  • Microsoft Test and Lab Manager
  • Replay – re-run test including launching application under test
  • Coded UI Test
    • Test builder – records UI actions

Paul Turner – SharePoint branding tips and tricks

  • Start with minimal master page
  • Enable debugging
  • Position tool pane
  • Standard delegates (My Site etc)
  • Site actions
  • Digest (MAC)
  • Understand CSS
    • Add custom CSS with CssRegistration
  • Don’t put JS in master page
  • Async JS with defer