For a long time now I’ve been listening to podcasts – first on on the [iPAQ rw6828]/2007/01/hp-ipaq-rw6828-rom-update.html), then a [HTC TyTN II]/2007/11/new-phone.html), and more recently my [iPod Shuffle]/2008/09/new-toy.html).

My original subscriptions were:

At the suggestion of Ben and Nigel I added:

And I’ve also added:

  • Radio TFS – Team Foundation Server
  • SQL Down Under – Greg Low’s interviews with SQL experts
  • SQL Snapshots (broken link, was originally (coming soon) – Also from Greg Low, I found out about this via Rob after mentioning to him the idea of a podcast for a “Talking Books” version of the SQL Books Online.

The best way I’ve found so far to get the podcasts onto the Shuffle is to use WinAmp and the ml_ipod plugin. WinAmp does come with an built-in iPod plugin, but I’ve found ml_ipod provides superior support, including synchronising podcasts – something iTunes won’t do for a Shuffle at all.