6.30am – Woke up

6.40am – Ate breakfast with kids

6.50am – Logged in to MSDN and started downloading the release version of Visual Studio 2010!

Not a bad way to start the day :-)

However, to make this post eligible for the SQL Tuesday series it’s worth mentioning that amongst other things, one of the new components released today is Microsoft Report Viewer 2010.

Brian Hartman has blogged about some of the new features in the Report Viewer. Here’s a summary from his posts:

  • Support for the 2008 RDL schema in local mode.
  • Support for ASP.Net AJAX (All page navigation and report interactivity is done with AJAX)
  • Updated API including a new JavaScript API.
  • Significantly improved browser compatibility.
  • Usability and “look and feel” enhancements.
  • Local mode now supports the same RDL features that are currently available in SQL Server 2008, including tablix, chart, gauge, and rich text.
  • AsyncRendering now controls whether the initial processing of the report blocks the entire ASP.Net page, and nothing else.
  • Can be loaded into a .NET 3.5 or a .Net 4.0 application.
  • No more frames - ASP.Net postbacks are used to render the report.

Read more about the ReportViewer control in the MSDN Library.