Not everyone gets to work somewhere like Fog Creek, Google, Microsoft or even LobsterPot Solutions. I thought I’d take Rob’s lead and write down some of the things that come to mind when I think of the characteristics of my ideal work life. It ended up a bit longer than I was expecting so I’ve broken it up into multiple posts.


  • Friendly
  • Peers
  • Complimentary skills
  • Shared values
    • Passionate about quality
    • Continuous learning/improvement

My best work experiences have always coincided with being part of a great team. I don’t remember too many people that I’ve worked with that I haven’t got along with well. I also discovered that you can learn a lot from older, wiser colleagues – sometimes they’re in the best position to realise that the latest trend or fad is just a variation of something that’s been around before.

Having complimentary skills is also really valuable. You can learn from each other, but also you can bring new perspectives to particular problems that otherwise may not have been considered.

Edited 24/6/2010 - Included LP in list of desirable employers!